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teaching karate teaching karate to kids

Embracing Empathy: The Art of Teaching Martial Arts

May 29, 2023
Jason Stanley
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Teaching martial arts goes far beyond imparting techniques and movements; it is about shaping character, instilling respect, and promoting continuous growth. Our approach to instruction, therefore, can significantly impact the way our students perceive and engage with karate. One aspect we should reflect on is the tone and method of our instruction. Are we merely […]

teaching karate teaching karate to kids

The star of the show…

June 24, 2015
Jason Stanley

“Waaaa-taaaah!” “Hey karate-man!! whaaaaa!” The class walked by and while most smiled and waved, a couple of ¬†young boys made karate chops in the air while simultaneously running their mouths. What the hell? Was I being heckled by 4th graders? You bet I was… Part of me wanted to walk over and break the kid’s […]

Subscriber Q & A teaching karate to kids

Subscriber Q & A

November 5, 2014
Jason Stanley

Keith writes… “I have just started a new class for 4-7 year olds. To say they are bundles of energy is an understatement. I seem to spend the lesson with one or more of them hanging off one of my arms while another hugs one of my legs. I’m loving teaching them and getting some […]