Dojo Remodel

April 24, 2018
Jason Stanley
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Check out the videos of my recent dojo remodel! Here’s part #1. Enjoy! Watch the rest of the remodel videos in my KarateTeaching Facebook group here If you haven’t joined the group, it’s easy and free and you get all the videos and bonus content. Just click the link above and follow the directions below.

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Kumite Footwork Exercise

February 14, 2018
Jason Stanley
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Are you ready for a quick kumite footwork drill that helps develop strong quads, explosive movement and agility? AWESOME! You’ll need a sparring partner and a pair of focus mitts. It works like this: Partners face each other in their fighting stance at kicking range, left leg forward. TheĀ TargetĀ  holds the mitts in front of […]

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Why Practice Karate Kihon?

October 17, 2017
Jason Stanley

Watch almost any martial arts movie from yesteryear and you’ll witness a tsunami of bad acting and fantastical abilities. From catching bullets to breathing fire and everything in between. The plot almost always follows one man’s struggle against the odds to avenge his <<insert favorite family member’s>> death. Frequently the hero will be surrounded by […]