How to Make a Makiwara

September 20, 2018
Jason Stanley

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a makiwara, watch my video below where I take you step by step from beginning to end. This was my 5th time making a makiwara and I have learned each time. Pay attention to the details and you’ll avoid the pitfalls. You’ll be up and punching in no […]

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Your Dojo Is a Reflection of You

August 24, 2018
Jason Stanley
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Are you well organized or messy? How are your relationships with your family and other people? What’s your general outlook on life? Are you a “glass is half full” or “half empty” kind of person? These character traits are reflected in your dojo from the way you sound on the phone to how you teach […]

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Martial Arts Instruction: Embodying Excellence in Every Class

July 30, 2018
Jason Stanley

My conversation with Thomas, a talented but inconsistent purple belt, rings all too familiar. “Is this your best effort, Thomas?” I ask, to which he inevitably replies, “No”. His half-hearted efforts are disappointing, yet it seems an all-too-common attitude among many students. We instructors stress the importance of wholehearted training because we understand that practice […]