"Ask Any Martial Arts Instructor The Most Difficult Thing To Teach and 95% Will Tell You The Same Thing… Kids!

  • Has your class ever been hijacked by 5 year olds?
  • Have you ever felt like you were herding cats?
  • Discover the SECRET to teaching young kids karate (or any martial art for that matter)...

The Kids Karate Game ebook includes:


12 Explosive Warm Up Games to Prepare Your Kids for Training...

Get your kids excited and ready for class with these fun and effective warm-up exercises. They will look forward to class every day when you use these to get them in the right mind set before you teach anything too technical...


16 High Level Concentration / Coordination Games and Exercises...

We all know how much kids NEED to focus when training. These 16 games teach them exactly that. You'll discover fun ways that make even your most disruptive students want to do their best! You'll be shocked how well these work...


7 Competitive Games to Develop the Winning Spirit

These 7 games help kids develop the competitive spirit and to strive to be their best. Some are team games, some are individual, but all challenge them to work harder and enjoy themselves while competing against each other.


13 Technique Specific Games  to Make Learning Fun!

A fast road to disaster is to teach technique to kids like you teach adults. Instead, use these proven games to stimulate their minds at their level. Incorporating fun with technique helps develop young kids karate technique much faster.


12 End of Class Fun Games for Agility and Enjoyment

Reward your students at the end of class with games that develop their agility and awareness. Have them leave class, sweaty with big smiles on their faces. You'll often hear things like "Ohhh! Is class over already??!" and "Can we play just ONE more... please!"


Frank Spinale

“Hi Sensei Jason….All of your books have been very valuable to me.  I am so glad I found you as many times, as a new senpai, I haven’t a clue where to start when my Sensei asks me to fill in on a childrens class.  I have even impressed other senpais as they watched me teach.

Many of the exercises I use they have never seen and wonder how I got so good.

Frank Spinale, Camarillo Shotokan
Steven Weichert

“Ever since I utilized your eBook into the class my students get very excited. I am a believer that your program works.  Thank you for the addition you provided to our regular  program. It has been a success.”

Steven Weichert, Universal Martial Arts - MD, United States
Kevin Arblaster

“I have a club for over 7 Years now and since using your teaching drills and games… I have now opened up a 2nd club this year and now have over 60 students on my books. I always have had an open mind and what is great about your posts…drills…games is that it can be used in any style of Martial Arts , all I have to do is just rename them to our techniques from our syllabus”

Kevin Arblaster, Kyushindo Karate - Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

From: Jason Stanley

Monday 9:30 am

Dear Sensei,

Have you ever wondered how to teach 4-8 year olds without tearing out your hair?

Do you ever get stuck for ideas?

Would you like to know the secret to teaching young kids martial arts, or anything for that matter?

On this page I’ll share with you the EXACT concepts I use at my dojo to keep my youngest classes busting at the seams with excitement, while still having students learn quickly and enjoying themselves.

Before I get to that however I want to share with you…

The Biggest Problems Instructors Make When Teaching Kids…

For years I banged my head against the wall wondering why I couldn’t get my little guys to perform as well as my junior students and adults. Every now and again I’d get an exceptional student who would stand head and shoulders above the rest, but the rest of the class would be doing things like:

  • goofing off
  • making sloppy technique
  • talking and distracting other kids
  • making stupid faces in the mirror
  • and have the attention span of goldfish…

It drove me nuts as I’m sure it does you, until I discovered I was doing it ALL wrong!


I Was Teaching My Kids, Juniors and Adults ALL the SAME WAY…
Big Mistake!

Did you know adults on average laugh approximately 13 times a day?

Kids on the other hand laugh 300+ times a day.

That’s an extraordinary statistic and one that is a strong indicator as to why kids lose concentration quickly and why adults tend to be able to focus for longer.

Kids are extremely creative and see funny things where we don’t. And yet we try to teach karate to kids the same way we teach karate to adults and wonder why little Johnny can’t sit still!

Yet some instructors persist. Those hard-nosed-guardians-of-the-art refuse to change their teaching ways. They insist on sticking to their guns and treating kids like adults. And when they don’t perform to the standard, they label them with ADD or ADHD.

A child’s mind is developing at an alarming rate with 90% of it completely developed by the 5th birthday. In order for it to grow and learn it demands constant stimulation… but then in karate class we tell them to “hush their mind”, “focus on one thing”, to “be more serious”, etc.

Do you see the conflict? It’s always an uphill battle when you teach that way…

So How Should You Teach Martial Arts To Kids and Why Should You Believe Me?

Well first of all would it be okay with you if I shared a little of my own experience, so you know where I’m coming from and how I might be able to help you?

First of all I’m a full time karate instructor (4th dan), international competitor, world champion stick fighter and author. I run several karate web sites including this one and KarateTips (www.karatetips.com). Since 2002 I’ve had over 20,000 + people around the world subscribe to my newsletters, and my products have sold in over 35 countries. I’ve helped karate students and teachers alike, from complete beginners to world class coaches. Originally, I’m from Australia and in 2002 I opened my own dojo here in California. I’ve been teaching since 1992 and in the last 10 years have taught over 10,000 classes.

I’ve studied and continue to study great minds and  like Tony Robbins, Harv Eker, Tony Buzan, Edward de Bono just to name a few (if you’re not familiar with them, google to find out more) and I’m also a certified professional trainer (Peak Potentials 2006). In other words I’ve learned HOW to teach/train people the RIGHT way as opposed to being dropped in the deep end and trying to figure it out.

As you can see from my experience, excellence is something I strive for personally, and it’s something I try to instill in my students. But for years I tore out my hair and had my classes hijacked by 5 year olds until…

I Discovered the Secret to Teaching Kids…

If you have my 125 Dynamite Drills, you’ll be familiar with how to split your classes by age and rank. If you haven’t got that package, here are the basics…

  • First, stop teaching kids and adults together in the same class.It doesn’t work well. Each group has different reasons for doing karate, vastly different motor skill sets, different cognitive (mental) abilities, and are at polar opposites when it comes to maturity. Remember kids laugh 20 times a day more than adults!
  • Second, when teaching kids make your kids classes short. It all comes back to that attention span thing.
  • Third, break your class into segments and keep each segment short. Again, it’s that attention span thing…
  • Fourth, use a games-based approach for teaching.Why? Kids love games and have no problem focusing something they LIKE!Ever been able to pull a kid away from their Xbox or PlayStation easily? Same rule applies to physical activity. Make it a challenge and you’ll see your kids give you their best every time.

This will ALWAYS get you better results! Guaranteed!

However if you’ve already got all that figured out or you simply just want to cut right to the chase, here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about…

Let’s consider doing basic line work as an example. You want your kids to maintain focus, learn how to step correctly, and make lunge punch (oizuki). Here’s a perfect example of a karate game I use in my youngest aged classes that illustrates how to get kids to work hard like adults, concentrate, learn their basics and try their best every time…

This drill comes directly from my instructor teaching documentation. I’ll be first to admit I didn’t think of this exercise – it’s one that was taught to me years ago and is based on the kids schoolyard game, “What’s the time Mr. Wolf?”

Here’s how it works…

“What’s the Time Sensei Wolf?”

Students make a line on one side of the room in their forward stance (or whatever you decide), and must cross the room performing the specified technique – for example, step forward punch.You are the “Sensei Wolf” and stand in the middle of the room.

When you raise your hand, that’s the command for your students to ask you, “What’s the time Sensei Wolf?”.

Now you respond with a number between 1 and 12, and your class must then do that number of the specified technique across the room.

Eg. If you say “It’s 4 O’clock”, that means the class must make 4 steps with punches.

The game continues until you respond “It’s Dinner Time!” at which point your students must run back to their starting positions without being captured by the you, the Wolf.

Every student who is captured must do 10 pushups. You can also send kids back to the start if their stance or technique is not up to standard.

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Here's another example...

“The Gopher Game”

Remember “Whack-a-Mole” from the arcade?

This uses the same concept to help kids develop their awareness, timing, distance and impact.

Choose one student to be the Whacker (Puncher), while the others will be the Gophers (Targets).

The Puncher stands in their forward stance ready to punch any Gophers that may approach. The Gophers must hold a punch pad in front of their chests and slowly move forward towards the Puncher, who will hit the closest Target. This action “resets” the target who must then return to their starting position and start again.

You can set the Gophers up in a straight line facing the Puncher, or have them surround the Puncher in a circle. Be sure that the Gophers stand at least 10 feet away to give the Puncher ample time to choose their first target.

The idea is for the student to determine which target is closest and hit that target quickly before the next arrives!

Let the Puncher whack 20 Gophers before switching out students.

Now of course these are just a couple of examples. But what if you had 50 karate games and challenges to teach all the different aspects of karate training?

50 More Martial Arts Games For You…

In my instructor teaching documents I have EXACTLY that. It’s packed full of games and challenges to help with concentration, agility, speed, self defense, kata, combinations, etiquette, listening, focusing, sparring, footwork and fun! What if YOU had access to that information like the people below?Here are some real testimonials from real people below…


Hi Sensei Jason….All of your books have been very valuable to me.  I am so glad I found you as many times, as a new senpai, I haven’t a clue where to start when my Sensei asks me to fill in on a childrens class.  I have even impressed other senpais as they watched me teach.  Many of the exercises I use they have never seen and wonder how I got so good.  I am especially proud of the “mouse trap” routine where the kids try to step on each other’s foot.  Everyone thinks it is “ingenious” and fun.  I appreciate the support.”

– Frank Spinale
Camarillo Shotokan


“I have really enjoyed your material over all. I’ve read your ebook on teaching kids/adults in separate classes and found it pretty informative. Your kids games ebook has been very helpful in my classes and I have started to implement some of the games slowly into my classes…So far you have provided good material, advice, customer service etc. etc. and I just wanted to say thanks and a job well done.”

– Mark Lynn
Fort Worth, Texas, USA.


“Your e-book is very helpful to me. I teach a beginner class in a small town in Norway consisting of 19 kids in the age from 6 – 12 years. I always use when planing my class. I am also part of a training group that teaches mma for a youth class, and i might as well get a copy of you e-book 100 + Karate Drills”

– Knut Ove Ronning

It makes teaching EASY for you and your instructors, and learning FUN for your kids. This approach has led to high student retention rates and enjoyment.

And now you can use them too. When you place your order today from this page I’ll give you my 50 Kids Karate Games Ebook for just $29.95 (reduced down from $47), plus you’ll get the bonuses listed below making a total value of $224.95 for just $29.95.

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Now why would you want my list of kids karate games?

  • They’ve been battle tested! I haven’t just made up stuff and thrown it into an ebook, otherwise I’d have 100s of useless games. These have been hand selected, and tested in over 7,000 classes in the last 15 years.
  • They have been specifically chosen (while others were omitted) to develop certain skill sets, so you know these kids games and drills have a purpose and are NOT simply time fillers.
  • They’re EASY to teach, and easy for kids to learn and apply.
  • Kids love them! So teaching is easy because kids WANT to do them. No more battling with stubborn students who make your teaching life hell.
  • These aren’t just my kids karate games. I partnered up with Australian National Kumite Coach, Sensei Marco Mazzanti who wrote approximately half of these skill building exercises and games.
  • Together we’ve brought you over 50 of the best kids karate games you can use to make your teaching life easy…

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You’re also going to receive 3 killer bonuses mentioned below.

Bonus #1 : 10 Awesome Obstacle Courses Kids Love!

Everyone knows kids love obstacle courses… but the trick is making them fun, SAFE and challenging. In this obstacle course guide, I give you 10 proven plans for setting up obstacle courses that will have your kids classes jumping with excitement. It includes 4 zigzag courses, 2 circular courses, 2 crossover courses and 2 team challenges Valued at $47.00 – yours free with your purchase today.

Bonus #2 : Free Upgrades for 12 Months

As I add more kids games and exercises to this publication, obviously the price will go up. But by securing your copy today, you’re guaranteed free upgrades for 12 months. Over the coming 12 months I’m expecting to add 25 or so more games and exercises, which you’ll get for free because you’re a customer of the 50 Kids Karate Games.Valued at $25.00 – yours free with your purchase!

Bonus #3 : VIP Subscription to my Karate Teaching Newsletter & Personal Teaching Q&A

As a new customer you’ll also receive a special VIP subscription to my Karate Teaching Newsletter, plus Personal Teaching Q&A support. Even after getting the 50 Kids Karate Games package, and referencing all the bonus material on teaching methods and how to get your class to perform to your expectations,  some people still have questions for their unique situation.I’m a big believer in looking after my customers after you receive my products, so I’ve decided to include one final bonus for you…

You can ask me up to 3 questions you have about the 50 Kids Karate Games package (or anything I didn’t cover in the course that might be on your mind relating to teaching karate) to which I’ll be happy to give you a full page detailed response for each question. Each personal analysis includes examples, diagrams and/or video if necessary to get the points across to answer any queries you might have. Each detailed personal analysis is valued at $50, making a total of $150 in extra bonuses for you! Of course if you have quick questions and need clarification on something, there’s no charge for that.

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  • 50 Kids Karate Games That Makes Learning Fun And Teaching Martial Arts Easy50 Kids Karate Games

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Jason Stanley

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