125 Dynamite Drills

Inject your classes with new ideas. Stop losing students to boredom.

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Stop Losing Students to Boredom

If only we could keep them interested and working hard by disguising repetitions. Hello karate drills.

But coming up with new ideas is tough. And doing the same old stuff over and over again is a great way to lose students.


125 Dynamite Drills

Finally you can stop scratching your head wondering what to teach next...

Take control of your classes, add structure, and never run out of ideas again.

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The 125 Dynamite Drills ebook includes:

43 Martial Arts Exercises & Endurance Training Karate Drills…

These are downright heart-starting, blood-pumping, enduring exercises that will have your students working hard and wanting more…

30 Basic Exercises for Martial Arts

To refine and polish loads of basic technique no matter what style you teach. They’re fun, simple and are proven to make students more focused and deliver more power.s working hard and wanting more…

20 Killer Kata Exercises…

Instead of doing the same old “I’ll count and we all do it together” exercise, you can now have your students test their knowledge and understanding by trying these challenging drills. Each requires your students to really THINK about what they’re doing, rather than mindlessly going through the movements.

21 Kumite (Sparring) Drills…

To turn a choir boy into into a dynamic, hard hitting, fast moving fighting machine! Yes, these drills work footwork, dynamic movement, timing, distance, angle of attack, etc. These are great for improving sparring skill sets for both tournament and the dojo.

12 Self Defense Drills…

To bring out the best in your students and take them as close to the real thing without the associated risk of injury. They’re extremely effective exercises for building awareness, reaction time and effective self defense technique.

More than 50 more skill building kids karate games are waiting for you...

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Plug in your drills where required. Teach awesome classes. Wave goodbye to student boredom.

Picture and Imagine...

Renewed enthusiasm. Increased student retention. And YOU, the inspired teacher who never runs out of ideas again.

Or do nothing and continue losing students to boredom.

Happy Instructors

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"Jason,I have been using the drills during my sparring classes for the past six weeks, and they have pumped new life into a dull routine. The program was worth every penny and much more, and you can quote me. Thanks…""

- Jim Doan (KarateViewpoints)
Western Karate Academy,

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"our new ebook has many innovative drills that can benefit traditional Okinawan/Japanese martial arts as well as other styles. I applaud you on putting together such an informative project for instructors and students."

- John Spence
Shorin-Ryu Karate of Williamsburg
United States

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Since, I am a traditional Shotokan Martial Artist it is rejuvenating to see that your articles and e-books are great for improving kumite skills. Jason, I have used your drills in both kids and adult classes with GREAT results at my dojo! Keep up the competent & comprehensive work!”

- The Late Sensei Frank Thomas
American Shotokan Karate Alliance
United States

More than 125 more skill building kids karate drills are waiting for you...

125 Dynamite Drills

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- Quick Start Guide to Using Drills to Structure Your Classes ($47 value)

- 20 done for you, ready to go class templates ($20 value)

- How to Teach Martial Arts to Adults and Kids Without Losing Your Mind ($47)

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Hey! I'm Jason Stanley.

I've been teaching since 1992. Full time since 2003 and I've taught over 20,000 classes. In addition to running my own dojo I help other instructors become better teachers.

I've written over 200 articles and 3 books to help instructors teach better.

With 125 Dynamite Drills you'll never run out of teaching ideas again.

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