WKF Rules 6.1 Update

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One thing that I’ve been meaning to mention for a while now
is the recent changes to the World Karate Federation
Competition Rules. There are some SIGNIFICANT changes
that will DEFINITELY affect you if:

– You compete under WKF rules (or variations thereof)

– You have students who compete locally, nationally or

– You are a coach trying to stay up with the most recent
changes for strategy/tactical reasons

– You are an official and want to know what changes were
approved and made by the WKF this past January and when
that might (if it hasn’t already) affect you…

You can download the summary and the latest version below.

With these updates we are definitely going to see changes
in tactics and strategies. For example, what was hugely
successful for World Champions like Aghayev, Lefevre, etc
was the slipping of the attack, grabbing the legs and dumping
your opponent on their back… this is just one example of
what’s no longer allowed under the new rules.

There are also changes to what happens if the match is a
tie, and a simplified scoring system.

For the summary go here:

For the full version 6.1 go here:

– Jason

1 thought on “WKF Rules 6.1 Update”

  1. Please study those new rules, especially if you ref or judge. A good website that has many up to date practice quizes and tests is: http://karatereferee.com. It is a good reference site for those wanting to become certified as a referee, judge, or coach. And, yes even coaches have to be certified to be on the floor in WKF or USANKF tournaments.
    There are many new rules, as well as new techniques for the referees and judges. Competitors will benefit from studying the rules also, for instance if a competitor is on the ground, even if it a result of him slipping, you can now get three points if you deliver a valid zuki.


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