What’s on your karate menu?

Wow… has it been THAT long since my last post?

Well here’s a helpful tip to make your classes EASIER to teach!



You’ve got a mental list of drills and exercises you do in class, right? Well what I did is write them up – just one per line – with a description that I could refer to and immediately know what it meant.

I stuck this list to the wall on the tatami floor.

On it there are about 100 of my favorite drills and exercises, which I refer to often between classes. This keeps them FRESH in my mind. Plus when I’m feeling a little flat and don’t know what to teach for class, I refer to my list!

It’s like browsing a HUGE menu at a great restaurant – I almost become overwhelmed. But as head chef, it allows me to prepare a great meal for my students.

It also helps other instructors teach, ensuring that the food is always well prepared and FRESH, instead of having them serve the same old cold burgers and fries everyday.

Try it for yourself – write down a list of your drills and section them up into warmup, kihon, kumite, kata, self defense and games. Post it on your wall and you’ll be set!



P.S. Don’t have any drills to add to your menu? Or maybe your customers are complaining about the same old stuff day in day out? Check out my menu of drills and exercises at… https://www.karateteaching.com/karatedrills

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