What kind of martial arts instructor are you?

What message do you transmit to your students through the way you teach karate?

Do they consider you a nice guy or a drill sergeant?

Are they fearful of you, or inspired by you?

Are you strict or easy going?

Do you lead by example, or do your students simply do what you say?

Are you students afraid to approach you, or do they ask questions with ease?

Do you use negative incentives or positive reinforcement when you teach?

Are you emotional if a student asks you a tricky question, or do you praise them for being so inquisitive?

Are you short tempered or patient?

Are you being really being YOU, or are you emulating someone else?

Do you become easily frustrated with people when they “just don’t get it” etiquette-wise or technique-wise? Or are you willing to invest the time to educate?

Would YOU like to be taught by YOU?

Many instructors never consider the way they teach or how they might be perceived by their students. They just think that they’re always right!

And the reality is that rarely will your students verbally tell you if you’re doing a bad job…

Realize that if you’re losing students as fast as you’re enrolling them, your teaching method probably has something to do with it.

Try to answer the questions above to get a handle on what kind of teacher you might be. Are there attributes on that list that you don’t like?

Then change it!

Developing yourself as a great teacher is one of the most important personal skills that you can do for yourself. That’s why over time I’ve invested thousands of dollars in my own personal development and teaching/training skills. I’ve made it my passion to help instructors just like you achieve their teaching potential, personal and business success.

I’m in the midst of writing an in depth program/guide to share this valuable information with you and it’ll be available early next year.

Until next time…

What kind of teacher are you?

– Jason

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