Velcro to the rescue…

Here’s a neat little trick to help you keep your mats from sliding about…

I have those red/blue puzzle mats on my dojo floor, which is good because it allows us to do plenty of sweeps, throws and takedowns during our kumite sessions without the associated risk of injury (particularly where kids are concerned).

But one of the problems is that the mats like to move about from time to time particularly in the summer months as they heat up, expand and buckle. Especially after a big class with loads of students, even though the mats are secured on all 4 sides by walls and railings on the floor.
So I came up with a solution.
Yep, good ole Velcro.
I simply went to Walmart (shudder!) and bought 2 x 20′ self adhesive rolls that are 2″ thick and stuck one strip to the carpet under the mats (Velcro side down) , and peeled off the backing to stick the mats to the Velcro.

2 x rolls of industrial strength Velcro, $39
30 minutes installation, $0.
Mats staying put, priceless.

Try it out!

– Jason

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