Updated Newsletter Software – Please Confirm

After 4 years of persisting with my troublesome newsletter email software I’ve upgraded to a new system.


It means that if you still want to receive the KarateTeaching Newsletter then I need you to confirm your subscription once more. If you’re a current subscriber, please keep an eye on your inbox for an email with the subject heading, “Please confirm your subscription”.

Then just follow the instructions, click on the link and you’ll be all set!

Without confirming you’ll miss out on all the great teaching tips, information, product reviews and marketing ideas.

Plus if you’re a KarateTips customer you’ll want to confirm your subscription to ensure you receive full customer support for any products you might own.

Alternatively you can just click here to resubscribe by requesting the “5 Dynamite Drills ebook” once more and you’ll be re-added to the newsletter list.

Thanks and stay tuned for the next installment of the KarateTeaching Newsletter.

– Jason

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