The P90X push up

Have you seen that infomercial for the P90X system?

It’s a full body workout designed to get you ripped in 90 days, using the concept of “muscle confusion”. Interesting idea.

While I was learning about this product I caught a glimpse of an simple yet challenging push-up exercise that’ll work your abs, arms and balance at the same time.

This is a great exercise to challenge your students.

It works like this…

Do a regular push up, but when you return to the up position bring one knee to your chest for a moment (so that your foot is no longer touching the ground) and then return that leg to the floor.

Do another push up and this time bring the opposite knee to your chest before returning it to the floor.

Continue to alternate right leg, then left leg with each push up.

Sounds easy, but quite challenging.

After 20-30 of these you’ll really start to feel it in your abs.

Try it out for yourself and then challenge your students with it in your next class.


– Jason

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