The Ichi-Ni Drill

Here’s a good drill to help your students develop timing, focus, speed and reaction.

It’s called the “Ichi-Ni Drill” and it works like this…

Students pair off and decide one person to be “Ichi” while the other is “Ni”. They stand facing each other in their forward stance ready for your count. On your count the person who is “Ichi” must make a technique using their partner as the target. Then when you count “Ni” the other person makes their technique using the first person as their target.

Your job is to count “Ichi, Ni, Ichi, Ni, Ichi, Ni, etc” loudly so everyone can hear you. Start off slowly so students have plenty of time to do complete their technique. Then gradually increase your counting so students have less time between techniques.

When the count is slow, students have more time to do longer range and more complex techniques like spin back kick, hook kick, etc. When the count is fast they have less time so they must use short range/faster techniques like front jab, reverse punch, etc.

This is a fun yet simple drill that students enjoy. Try it out in your class and let me know how it works for you.

Of course if you don’t count in Japanese in your class I guess you can call it the “One-Two Drill” instead. =)

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– Jason

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