The best Christmas gift…

These last few months have been sooo busy.

Our dojo that we moved into in September 2004 no longer supported the increasing student base, so for the last few months I’ve been busy looking, negotiating and finally moving into our new club.

It’s in a retail space this time – not industrial. And with that comes, yep you guessed it, a big increase in expenses. However the exposure that we’re already getting is proving that it’s the right move.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be adding some more photos and descriptions, but for now since I’m on a plane to Australia in less than 48 hours, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at the new place.


Here’s a snapshot of the new reception…

And the new tatami… It’s about twice the size of the old one. Now it’s 9 metres by 12 metres long (roughly 30 feet x 40 feet) giving us a full size competition floor.


Classes commenced on Monday night and eveyone loves the new place – parents, students and families. It’s close to other shops and there’s plenty of parking.

Thanks to the Early Learning System this growth has been possible and we’re living the dream of our own full time professional karate dojo. Without the Early Learning System, I’d still be teaching at the local community center trying to figure out how to hold on students for longer, and enduring the frustrations and problems that I used to face.

Instead, in less than 3 years our club grew from NOTHING to something truly amazing.

I’d like to thank Marco Mazzanti for sharing his insight, his knowledge and most of all creating the ELS which has been so easy to follow.

Happy holidays and New Year.



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