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2 thoughts on “Thanks for subscribing…”

  1. Hi Jason:

    Our upcoming 2016 Hall of Fame National Training Camp will be held June 23-25, 2016 at the Crowne Plaza – Galleria, Dallas TX. Instructors from schools around the country will be in attendance. Would like to extend an invitation to have you attend and be a part of our event – as I believe there are a number of instructors who may benefit from your drills and exercises. I have used your materials in my former school (now owned by one of my black belts) and found the drills, games and exercises kept the classes interesting, and never dull.

    Welcome the opportunity to discuss this further. My contact number can be found on the website below.

    John Terry, President
    International Martial Arts Council

  2. OSU Sensei Jason ..much pleasure to meet you ..though so far yet can be brought together to share the experiences only to benefit one another.



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