Teaching Karate with 100% Effort

As an instructor of not only students but other karate teachers, one of the important points I drive home is the need to demonstrate with 100% effort, good form and speed.

Too often it seems that teachers get lazy in demonstrating their karate techniques. Their explanation might be good and sound but the actual demonstration of the technique is too slow, with average form and 50% effort.

It’s important you demonstrate and teach slowly at times so students can see and understand what it is they are supposed to do… but keep in mind that you should also show the technique at combat speed with full force, good form and 100% effort.

Why is this important?

Because that’s what karate is supposed to be! Without speed, concentrated effort and good form it’s not really karate, and it sends a message to your students that their technique should be just like yours – since you’re the black belt, right?

The other reason why this is important is that your students will almost always perform the demonstrated technique at a lesser quality of what you show them. So if you’re demonstrating with 50% form, effort and speed, they’ll probably learn karate at 50% of that! The result is a very watered down, and probably ineffective technique!

Please remember this important point next time you teach, and for every time thereafter.

Hold yourself to a higher teaching standard and enforce the same for your own instructors!

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