One, Two, Hook, Elbow, Knee

Recently I was teaching my 4-7 year old class a striking combination, which I thought they’d have trouble with, but to my surprise even the youngest of them was able to put it together.

From a left leg forward stance, the combo is:

  • front jab
  • reverse punch
  • left hook
  • right elbow
  • right knee

or as I like to call it “1, 2, hook, elbow, knee”

Here’s a quick video of 4 year JJ doing the combo, then after he’s done he climbs the pad wall and runs back to the start. I often have kids perform a technique then complete a challenge whether it be a wall climb, jumping over some pads, zig-zagging through cones, etc. before returning to the end of the line.

This is KEY to keeping the kids occupied while they’re waiting their turn to do the technique. It also helps them develop core strength, agility, etc. I hope it gives you some ideas…

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I do have to apologize for the jerkiness of the video. The camera man is six years old, but I’m sure you get the idea.


– Jason