So your July figures are suffering…

Summer is again upon us…

And for many karate schools it’s a tough month… particularly if a decent percentage of your students are kids, as they tend to go on vacation or are busy doing “other stuff”.

I hope you heeded my advice months ago and grabbed yourself a copy of Mike Massie’s Starting a Summer Camp book. If you did (and provided you actually did something with it), right now you’re probably chuckling to yourself at what a successful month you’re about to have.

But let’s say you didn’t do that because [insert excuse here] – what can you do this month to stop the bleeding?

Well, I’m here to let you know there is an EASY way to inject some much needed cash into your club even with all those students who have gone missing for the summer, without working an obscene number of hours.

All you have to do is run a…

…wait for it…

Pizza Night!

Yep, that’s right. Run a kids pizza night, or two, or three…

It’s simple.

You simply make a flyer with the details and give it to your kids who are attending classes right now –> parents read it –> parents are delighted that they get a night off –> kids are happy they get to go –> you’re happy because it benefits your club in 2 ways.

1) It helps you pay the bills this month

2) It creates friendship bonds between you and your junior students, their parents and of course the kids get to know each other better too.

So how do you structure it?


Make it on a Friday or Saturday evening from 5pm – 8pm, charge $10 – $20 per child (whatever you think will work best) and include games, pizza and drinks.

It really is that simple.

At worst, even if you just get 10 kids at $15 each that’s $150 for 3 hours less the price of pizza. In the past I’ve run pizza nights with 45 kids, and a friend of mine (who has a large school had almost 90, though he swears he’ll never do that again!!).

Wtih just 2-3 pizza nights this month you’ll probably make up what you missed out on, and create better bonds with your junior students and families.

So what are you waiting for? Hop to it and open your calendar now and schedule in 2 pizza nights this month.

– Jason

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  1. its worth trying the idea,it sounds good and easy.its a one way of supplementing your club income.
    sensei Mogopodi


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