Small Dojo Big Profits Review

Last week I told you about Mike Massie.

You may already have heard of him, but if not here’ a brief rundown.

Mike is known as the Martial Arts Business “Anti-Guru” and is the author of a somewhat controversial publication called “Small Dojo Big Profits”.

Controversial in that he exposes the real truths about how to set up and run a successful school, without ripping off your students. He shows you how to be successful in a small school (less than 2000 sq ft) and make a healthy living while working just a few hours per day, without turning your school into a McDojo.

To be honest I’d been thinking of writing something very similar as it practically mirrors my experience in so many ways, but I’m now glad I don’t have to because your roadmap to a successful and financially stable martial arts school is here.

I want you to go to his site and check out what Mike’s got to offer you. It’s more than just an ebook. There’s over 200 pages of important material that any martial arts school owner (or anyone thinking about it) should have. He’s also including 30 days of e-mail support, and loads of forms, marketing ideas, drills and exercises for class, etc.

It’s a no-brainer.

If you’re at all serious about expanding your student base beyond 30 students and going full time, or if you’re looking for some new ways to improve your exsiting dojo, this is for you.

I gotta say I wish I had this information when I started my school 5 years ago. I made soooo many mistakes and through sheer dumb luck I landed on my feet. But after reading Mike’s Small Dojo Big Profits manual I now realize how badly things *could* have gone if I chose differently.

Some people say it’s too expensive and my response is this…

If you’re not willing to spend a little to get educated so you don’t lose $1000s in costly mistakes like so many people I know, or if you’re not willing to spend a little to get educated in setting up your business for success, then I’m sorry but chances are you’re going to fail.

Plan your work and work your plan.

Fail to plan and you plan to fail.

Click here now to see what it’s all about.


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