New karate game for kids

Here’s a quick game you can use for your younger karate kids, that they’ll love, but at the same time helps with developing reaction time, attention and technique.

It’s based off the kids’ game “Red light, green light” and it works like this…

The game is broken into three 60 second rounds, with each more difficult than the previous. Students spread out on the tatami, and must perform the action associated with the command you call.

GREEN LIGHT – students walk around randomly, being careful not to bump into each other.

YELLOW LIGHT – students continue to walk around but now must be extra cautious and hold their hands up in a fighting guard, looking around for danger.

RED LIGHT – students  must stop immediately, step forward into zenkutsu dachi (forward stance) with kiai, and quickly do the specified technique/combination you decide before the round starts.

If a student does the wrong action or wrong technique, they get 5 pushups, knee jumps or whatever you decide.

At the end of each round praise your students, give them a clap, 5000 points or whatever you do to keep the game fun and students interested.

And be sure to use the compounding teaching principle with each round, making the time between commands shorter and the combinations more complex.

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