Meeting with the BOBs

Last week we welcomed 2 news students to the karate club.



Bobby Bully

Man, these guys are great!

If you’ve never beat on a BOB then it’s about time you did. The “BOBs” are free standing human like rubber manikins that you can practice just about all your striking techniques on with full force.

When I brought these two new guys to the club last week my students went nuts. Kids and adults alike.

You may think that punching a heavy bag is the same and there is no need for a “gimicky” human looking punch bag – I used to feel the same way until I put BOB and Bobby Bully to the test. Years ago I’d used an early version of BOB and enjoyed it, but due to the cost never invested in one for the club when a heavy bag is about 1/3 of the price.

But finally thanks to a successful fundraiser we did last month we went ahead and teamed up with the BOBs. And like I said, my students love beating on the BOBs and yours will too.

Reasons to invest in the BOBs:

  1. More realistic than a punch bag – contoured, and dense like a human body but flexible at the neck so the head moves when you hit it. You can practice striking to the eyes, ears, throat, solar plexus, groin, etc.
  2. Actual size – BOB and Bobby Bully are life size and adjustable in height so you can make them shorter or taller to suit your students height, or set them at their tallest setting for an encounter with a bigger person.
  3. Easily incorporated into your class – an easy way to use your BOBs is to use them in an obstacle course and relay races for kids, or virtually any other drills that invovles striking for your adults. And of course you can always pull the BOBs off their stands and lay them flat on their back for a good “ground and pound” session.

The BOBs range from about $250 USD for Bobby Bully, $350 for the regular BOB and about $400 for “BOB with groin”. Of course if you’ve got a wholesale account you can pick them up for less from your supplier.

If you already have a BOB or two, post your comments below and let people know what you think…


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