Martial Arts Warm-Up Drill

Here’s a good martial arts warm-up drill. I use this often with my classes and want to share it with you today. It’s good because both people are working – one is practicing their stance while the other is constantly moving.

One person stands in Shiko Dachi/Sumo Stance (or kiba dachi) with their hands on their head and is responsible for counting. The other person starts facing their partner and must make 10 passes between their partner’s legs by dropping to their knees, crawling under their partner, standing up and run around to the front again.

With each pass the student must turn the opposite way after emerging from under their partner, so they are making a figure 8 pattern. For example, on the first pass they must stand up and turn left, run to the front, drop down and pass through the legs again, stand up and turn right and run to the front.

As a warm-up do 10 passes (5 figure 8s), and as an endurance drill do 20 passes, 3 times each.

The constant standing up, dropping down, turning and thinking becomes challenging as your students fatigue.

Try it out and let me know how it works for you…

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