Martial Arts Business Daily

Last year I told you about Mike Massie, author of Small Dojo Big Profits, which shows you step by step how to set up a successful and profitable martial arts business without ripping off your students. It’s a must-have small business guide for the martial arts industry.

Anyway, last week when I was chatting with Mike he told me about a new venture he’s just launched called “Martial Arts Business Daily” or MABD for short. Essentially it’s a martial arts news portal – complete with blog and newsfeed. There’s plenty of great content here that will help you in running your school and staying ahead of your competition.

If you own a copy of Small Dojo Big Profits you know the quality of Mike’s work and the detail of his advice. MABD is no exception – he’s already posted dozens of articles full of helpful information for teachers and business owners. Heck, he surprised me by including one of my articles on his front page. Thanks Mike!

Anyway, if you want to stay aware of industry trends, keep informed of what’s going on and get a ton of advice for running your karate school, visiting MABD regularly is a good habit to acquire.


– Jason

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