Lyoto Machida Jumping Front Kick Knockout

Just in case you missed this one a couple of weeks ago, here’s Lyoto Machida’s jumping front kick knockout of Randy Couture at UFC 129.

What was that Joe Rogan said a couple of years ago about karate has been proven not to work in the UFC??

Notice the way he sets this up, showing the hips like he’s going to attack with mae geri / oi zuki (front kick / lunge punch) which is common attacking combination he uses… but not this time. Just when you think the front kick is coming off of the left leg, he hits with the right.

Nice one Lyoto!

2 thoughts on “Lyoto Machida Jumping Front Kick Knockout”

  1. It's always seemed to me that Traditional MA kicks in UFC are very risky because of grabs etc. Nice to see someone pulling it off thanks to speed and timing!

  2. Yes, exactly. I think you hit the nail on the head Phil… timing was perfect for this one. It's the fake with the hips, then a slight relaxation of the entire body makes it looks like he's not going to do anything, then the attack a split second later…


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