Kids Karate Game – Kata Crossfire

This is an┬áhilarious kata game you can play in your kids’ classes during school break.

It’s called “Kata Crossfire” and it works like this:

First you’re going to need 3 or 4 soft inflatable balls. Now split your class into two evenly numbered teams.

Team #1 will perform a kata of your choice to your count.

Team #2 will attempt to distract team #1 by throwing the balls at them while performing their kata. Team members who make a mistake, are eliminated and must sit down at the edge of the mat.

The balls may be gathered and thrown again and again until the kata is complete or all opposing team members are eliminated.

For each team member who successfully completes their kata, they earn a point for their team.

After the kata is complete, teams switch roles.

The team with the most points wins the round!kata crossfire

Important point!

No excessively hard head shots are tolerated. If so, the team member who threw the ball must sit down and the other team receives a bonus point.


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5 thoughts on “Kids Karate Game – Kata Crossfire”

  1. In a competition setup, with two karatekas on the floor, each doing their kata at different speeds ect, it is tough for some karatekas to keep focussed on their own kata.This is an excellent way of getting the karatekas to practice under this kind of pressure to stay focussed while doing their thing. I love the idea, thanks Jason!

  2. We did a version this with our Tiny Tigers (who were struggling with their forms at the time). Instructors threw the balls, to simplify the concept with the little kids. AMAZINGLY, these 5 and 6 year old kids did the form perfectly, despite the distractions! Wow! What a cool game! We’ll try this on our junior class next!


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