Kids Karate Game – Corners

We all know how to play dodge ball, right?

Well here’s a version we occasionally play at the end of class with my students. I got this from my sensei years ago and it’s called “Corners”. It works like this:

Pre Game Requirements

Split your class into teams (4 teams maximum). Each team starts in a different corner of the room and is given a soft inflatable ball.

You can group students by belt color, age, gender or however you like (yes I know there are only 2 genders but remember you can play this game with 2 teams if you want).

Objective and Rules

  • The objective strangely enough is to win the game, which you do by eliminating the other team’s members one at a time until all their players are out. Once players are out, they must sit down in their original corner.
  • Players eliminate their opponents by throwing a ball at them. If the ball hits them without bouncing then the person hit is declared out. If the ball bounces first, the person hit is not out and the game continues.
  • Players may not catch a ball thrown by an opponent – that would violate the rule above as the ball touched them without bouncing first.
  • Players on the same team may throw the ball to each other, and are encouraged to do so in order to trap and eliminate opposing players.
  • Players are free to move around the room, wherever they choose with one caveat. If they are in possession of the ball, they may not move their feet!
kids karate game
Kids karate game – “Corners”


  • Team members should run to position, receive the ball from another team member when in range of an opponent attempt to hit them with the ball. Remember players may not move their feet if in possession of the ball! This is the single hardest rule for players to adhere to!
  • Balls may be deflected by players holding another ball, but only the held ball can make contact with the incoming ball.
  • If a student has no teammates remaining, they may throw the ball forward allowing the ball to bounce and then gather it in order to move forward. Note: players may NOT dribble the ball as in basketball to cover ground.
  • Players on the same team can gather multiple balls and strategize on how to eliminate their opponents. Eg. They might choose a single target and throw all balls at that player at once!



It’s a fun karate game that kids (and adults) enjoy. It teaches awareness, agility, coordination and teamwork. Need more games you can play at karate to alleviate boredom or give as reward for hard work? Here are 50 karate games I use in class.

Have fun!

– Jason

P.S. If you have any questions about the rules or any ideas on how to improve “Corners” please post below!

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  1. These game drills would be way more meaningful if you sent video clips of the actual game instead of long written explanations that are sometimes tricky to interpret correctly..just sayin

  2. Good game! I played something similar recently but without the teams element. I think adding this in will make it more interesting!


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