Key #2 of a Successful Karate School

My apologies for going AWOL last week… there were a few things on the personal front that needed my attention of which I’ll spare you the details…

Anyhow, I wanted to give you the second key to creating a successful karate school.

This one is so, so, so important – yet so many instructors and school owners make a half hearted attempt, or miss it altogether…

One frustrated instructor asked me, “Just tell me, how the @#$# do you keep students?!”

Here’s how…

Provide Excellent Customer Service!

Don’t take your students for granted. Look after them and show that you CARE.

Randomly call your students from time to time to see how they’re doing and if there is anything they’d like to ask you or talk about relating to their training. After class spend time getting to know your students and families.

Shock!! Wait a minute! Did you say call them? You mean I actually have to talk to them?

Yes, you might even enjoy it, and make a friend or two!

Be sure to answer your student’s concerns, reply to their emails, return their phone calls. If you don’t, they won’t be YOUR students for long. Go the extra step and you’ll develop a strong bond with your students.

Loyalty is of huge importance – particularly in the current economic times.

Stay tuned for part 3 next Monday…

– Jason

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