First off let me apologize for the lack of recent content.

There are many reasons why I haven’t been active ranging from moving into a new home, my wife getting pregnant and our first baby due in just a few weeks, plus a billion other reasons. However, I’m now officially back! =)

Also you might have noticed that I’ve moved this blog from the old address – www.earlylearningsystem.com/blog to www.karateteaching.com/blog

“Why?” you might ask?

First “karateteaching” is a lot easier to remember than “earlylearningsystem”. Second it’s more friendly to search engines. Third, I wanted to create a site just for karate teachers and keep KarateTips.com for students.

For those of you who own The Martial Arts Early Learning System – don’t worry, the site isn’t going anywhere – I’ve just moved the blog to this site for the reasons above.

Anyhow, gotta fly right now to get to the dojo…

Stay tuned – there’s a lot more coming shortly (and a lot more often).

– Jason

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