Karate Sparring Drill to Improve Awareness and Agility

Here’s a video from earlier this year of some of my junior students showing a fun yet challenging sparring exercise.

As you can see the floor is covered with cones. The objective is to spar without knocking over a cone. So the rules for this particular match were you score a point for every technique you landed on your opponent, and also another point for every cone your opponent knocked over.

This exercise helps develop spacial awareness and agility. Surprisingly my students rarely knocked over any cones which got me thinking how could I make this sparring exercise even more challenging?

Here’s a few more ideas for you…

1) Add more cones

2) In the event a cone is knocked over, the other person wins by default.

3) Make the sparring area smaller

(For a full list of my awesomely creative skill building karate drills and exercises check out 125 Dynamite Drills here)

Can you think of other ways to enhance this exercise? If so, post ’em below!


– Jason

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