Do you operate from strength and power, or fear and weakness?

Years ago a mentor told me that if I wanted to be successful then I needed to operate from strength and power instead of fear and weakness

To many this sounds obvious and yet many who know it choose the latter instead of the former, most of the time subconsciously.

Just stop a moment to ponder this thought.


What does this *really* mean?

It means that YOU must take control and decide to be a master of your own destiny, instead of blaming circumstance or other people for failure or lack of results. When you blame you give up your power and assert yourself as helpless. You’re effectively saying, “I can’t do [insert your goal here] because [insert fear-based excuse here].”

When this happens you’ve taken yourself out before you’ve even begun. (Don’t worry about having to take yourself out – there’ll be plenty of people to rain on your parade along the way.)

However, somebody who operates from strength and power stares fear in the eye and takes action anyway. He doesn’t let fear cripple him. Sure he’ll make mistakes; sure he’ll be uncertain at times; sure he’ll have concerns, but NEVER must he choose to be a victim.

If you want to make the jump from teaching part time to becoming a full time instructor then it’s time to muster the courage… that’s the first part. I’m sure you can do that! After all, you’re a martial artist, right?

Starting right now with every decision you make in your life, operate from strength and power, and leave fear and weakness behind. You’ll transform your reality almost immediately.

Next week we’ll take a look at making the jump to a full time instructor easier, so it won’t seem like jumping across a chasm, but rather like stepping across rocks in stream…

– Jason

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