Creating Community Goodwill Through Charity

I often get asked, “How do I get more students?”

There are a ton of ways which I’m not going to go into today.


That would be an entire book by itself (and in fact one that I’m writing currently).

However, I do want to share with you one way I stumbled across last week to create exposure and goodwill in your community through charity. And this in my opinion is key to establishing a great community reputation and ultimately new students over the long term.

It’s simple and everyone wins. Your charity wins because they get paid. Your dojo wins because it creates a tighter group of students, families get involved and talk about it, etc. It’s also a great way to create community exposure through newspaper articles and social media.

Simply do a fundraiser, kick-a-thon, spar-a-thon, break-a-thon Β or a whatever-a-thon at your dojo. Have your students get involved and then give away the raised funds to charity. You can donate all of the money or part of it. You might keep 50% for dojo upgrades for example and donate the rest. Or you might simply set a goal of donating $1000 to charity. Whatever feels right for you.

(In fact a friend of mine created a wildly successful fundraiser in which he raised and donated $14,000 this year alone! How awesome is that?)

Then simply go to the charity and tell them you want to make a donation. Notice I said “go to” and not “call”. There is a reason for that.

1795967_10152031925172076_1831520668_oOlivia and I with Ellen Bilney, director of development at AFV.

When I walked into Animal Friends of the Valleys (the local animal shelter) last week and told them I would like to donate $700 they welcomed me with open arms. The director of development came to greet me and my daughter and asked if we would like a tour of their premises. Of course I said yes. For 40 minutes Ellen showed Olivia and I AFV’s operation. It was impressive and we learned a lot.

I asked if it would be ok if we took a photo (to show the parents involved in the fundraiser we actually donated the money). Ellen said of course and offered immediately to post it online if I would simply email it to her.

So I did and within a couple of hours we were all over AFV’s Facebook page with loads of likes and comments from local people thanking and blessing me for our contribution. Wow. That was unexpected!

My intent was never one of self-promotion. It was simply one of charity. The byproduct of this action was community exposure and the creation of goodwill and reinforcement of a great reputation for my dojo in our community. And I’ll take that every day of the week.

This is something you can do to help the local charity of your choice and simultaneously create exposure for your dojo too…



9 thoughts on “Creating Community Goodwill Through Charity”

  1. This is awesome and what better way to get injected into the community. I am working on this and will make it happen. Thank you for the tip πŸ™‚

  2. You have an awesome karate spirit, Jason. This shows what karate is all about. Its about bringing in ‘good change’, uplifting others, reaching out and helping. Making the weak, strong. I believe that this will overflow in the dojo and teach the students that its all about the attitude we do things in. Thank you for covering every aspect of karate Jason.

    • Thanks Leonora…

      We strive to ingrain that mindset in our students, as I’m sure you do too. Hopefully this will help!

  3. Well done Jason and thank you for showing ALL the different ways we as Instructors not only pass on knowledge of a martial art, but also help others not as fortunate as we are.

    Excellent post πŸ™‚


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