3 thoughts on “Child kickboxing? Are you serious?”

  1. What's amazing to me is that I've seen this particular story so many times already… it's the rubbernecking of tragedy. Somebody exploiting someone else for their own wants and desires? On this planet? Astounding! I can't believe it! And people just can't stop talking and talking about it.

    I've got kids younger than this learning kickboxing – safely, with smiles on their faces. Crap like this – especially the way it gets perpetuated over and over – only hurts everybody in the business.
    Don't send it on, don't perpetuate the bad. If it's truly illegal or hurtful – stop it. Do something. Don't just gossip and point.

  2. I saw kids fighting in Thailand, but they weren't crying. There's no reason for those kids to be doing that at such a young age in a developed country.

    "Such is his determination for his children to succeed that he even alters her diet to 'bulk' her up if she faces an older opponent."

    That's not self defence, that's living through your child.

  3. By accident I just saw a piece of a reportage on TV 2 days ago. My stomage was turning upside down!

    This is nothing but child abuse! What the hell is wrong with the justice system! I would never do this to my child! Some people should not be allowed to have children!


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