1 thought on “Changing Education Paradigms”

  1. Great Post!! I have had similar ideas that would completely agree with this presentation. For starters, I have lived my life believing that an education is very important, just not according %100 to the common standards that most people believe in. That is one of the reasons I followed my dream if teaching Martial arts full time. I have always expressed to my peers that an education is a matter of learning constantly, there is no finish line or ending to it. Learning is infinite.

    Where the education comes from is a matter of preference. A degree in university is pointless if the field you are trying to learn in does not exist there. KARATE was my choice.

    If I wanted to become a math teacher, then by all means I would have chosen to go to college.

    the way this video was put together was also very pleasing to the eye and entertaining, well thought out and structured for everyone to enjoy.



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