Up, Up and away?

Here’s a super challenging up/down burpee-type martial arts fitness drill that will test even your fittest, strongest students.

Start by having your class jog in place, and then on each of your commands below students must complete each associated action, in this order…

  1. “Knees Up!”

    Students must jog in place but knees must rise to hip height with each step. Have them do this for about 5 seconds before calling…

  2. “Jump Up!”

    Students must jump as high as they can stretching their body and reaching towards the ceiling, and as they land call…

  3. “Push-Up!”

    Students now drop to a squat position, hands in front of their feet, jump their legs back to the push-up position and complete a full push-up, at which time you shout…

  4. “Sit-Up!”

    Students must now transfer weight onto their hands, extend their arms straight as they tuck up their legs returning to the squat position. From here the lay down with knees bent and complete a full sit-up, and hear your final command…

  5. “Stand-Up!”

    Students immediately spring back to their feet and resume jogging.

Do 5-10 sets at the beginning of class as a warm-up depending on the fitness level of your group, or 10-20 sets at the end of class as an endurance test.

Is it a burpee?

Is it an up/down?

No it’s… (I need a name for this drill – post your suggestions!)

3 thoughts on “Up, Up and away?”

  1. Being a drill and after the students have practiced it then you could call it ‘The 5 ups drill’. Of course students tend to want to race and the 5 seconds of knees up jogging may be affected. and quite possibly the transition from push up to sit up could end up being a roll over, so it would have to be an exercise where someone would count the 5 different exercises, constantly reminding them to bring their knees back to complete the burpee before you roll onto the back for the sit up.
    Try this one. I call it 5-5-5 this is 5 push ups, 5 sit ups and 5 burpees and if I am feeling generous then I will call out 5 times. You might just say do 1 time or 2 times but 5 times is quite gut busting.
    I have many more different types of killer drills and am always looking to make the combinations of exercises more energy sapping but heaps of fun.

  2. I would call then the “Up-Sets”! Thanks for posting this btw. I am always looking for new warmups to keep the students on their toes and keep them interested. Keep then coming!


  3. Thats a real challenge Jason i would call it body fitness confusion 🙂 cause there is so much to do and am sure some students will become a bit disorientated buy it good and am gonna try it today, thanks again Jason!!


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