Block and Multiple Counter Drill [Video]

Last night my entire production crew (Larry holding my phone), shot this quick video of Mike and I demonstrating a simple drill we were working on during class.

It’s a good karate drill for practicing close range techniques with fast reactions. It uses 4 different techniques that you can string together, and unlike a lot of karate drills that involve stepping with a single counter, this drill makes use of multiple counter techniques.

  1. Stand at punching range and have the first person punch to the face (mae ken zuki) while their partner makes and open palm push block (nagashi uke).
  2. Person 2 now counters with a back fist strike to the head (uraken), follows immediately with a reverse punch to the body (gyaku zuki) and finally with a front hand punch to the face (mae ken zuki).
  3. Person 1 now counters by making nagashi uke, uraken, gyaku zuki and mae ken zuki….
  4. The process repeats…

(click the play button below to watch the video)

Karate drills like these are great because they help develop fast reflexes at close range.

Hint: When you teach this for the first time, save it until the end of class. During class, practice each of the techniques in the drill as basic repetitions. Once you have it down, use it as a warm up in future classes.

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- Jason


13 thoughts on “Block and Multiple Counter Drill [Video]”

  1. Good combo. The combinations are almost endless and I like that they are starting to get to street speed. That is very important.

    • Absolutely Bill. Achieving combat speed is critical. Like my sensei says, “You never heard of the slowest gunfighter in the West…”

  2. Excellent action and reaction drill Jason ~ equally important is to keep students keen by throwing new challenges at them.

  3. Another great idea, thanks Jason.
    To step it up to another level, the students could start to move around, and then get them to incorporate the drill into their sparring for another step up.

    This will definitely be getting a run in our adult class.


    • Hi Jay,

      The video is in flash format, so you will need a flash player plugin to watch it. Some mobile browsers don’t have installed by default. Can you tell me what device you’re trying to watch this on please?




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