Assisted Clap Pushups

If you’ve ever had your class attempt clap pushups you’ll know it’s funnier than heck when they just try to clap without pushing up first. You’ll hear loads of clapping sounds followed by dull thuds and plenty of grunting noises as gravity does its work…

So I came up with a creative training method to help students develop their clap pushups.

Rather than me try to explain, watch the video below…

In fact you could use this same method to help your struggling students with virtually any kind of pushup…

  • regular pushups
  • one armed pushups
  • diamond pushups
  • deltoid pushups
  • etc.

Just place the belt under the part of the body that requires assistance. For example if you have a student who suffers from “hammock back syndrome” when doing regular pushups, you might place the belt under their hips to give them a little lift…

With this kind of assisted training, students can learn proper technique when before they had no hope of even getting started. Do this kind of training regularly and over time their strength and technique will develop.

What other ways could you use a belt to assist your students with developing core strength or karate technique?


10 thoughts on “Assisted Clap Pushups”

  1. Hey Jason,
    Good to hear from you. Thanks for the tip on clapping push ups I will get my son to practice these.
    When are you teaching in Australia next I will have to bring my son to come and learn from you.

    Janine Johnstone

  2. I am surprised you allow this exercise, assisted or not, in your classes. I have seen a double forearm break occur doing this exercise.

  3. Hey, Jason! just wanted to say that I like and appreciate all of the cool and innovative things you do as an instructor, and also as a school owner and martial artist.

    I just started a very small karate school in my basement, and unexpectedly its going great so Iv really been trying to implement some of the knowledge I get from you via email.

    keep up the good work!
    Always looking forward to the next gem of teaching knowledge you graciously share with everyone.

    • Thanks Jake! I’m glad I’ve been able to help. Good luck with your school. I started with nothing also, back in 2003, spending many a cold night alone in the gym waiting for students to show up. Humble beginnings always make you appreciative later on…

  4. Nice one Jason. I do this as well but with the adults and I would have the person doing the “holding” in kiba dachi so as they are working just as hard as the other person 🙂

  5. I may not always use you titbits of information concerning training techniques but I like to read your emails and occasionally there is something I can use to lighten the session. Generally this is for my beginner classes. Thank you Jason.


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