The Kata Lottery

lotteryAs a student you’ll remember what it was like when you first were asked to make your kata in front of the class.

It’s a nerve-racking ordeal for most.

But as you know it’s one you’ve gotta overcome to progress.

For me I shook like a leaf… I was asked to perform the kata Jiin (which I’d just learned) in front of the entire school. I’ll never forget that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Looking back all these years later, I’m glad our sensei asked us from time to time to perform our kata solo. It’s one of the first steps of conquering unwarranted fear.

So once a week I run a Kata Lottery! It’s just like being audited by the IRS – you never know when it’s gonna happen, but if/when it does you just got to deal with it!

Before class begins I’ll take my students attendance cards, shuffle them and then have another student randomly pick a card. The chosen student must come up and do a kata of their choice for the class. And it might be at any time during class, so nobody has had a chance to prepare.

Muhuhuhahahaha! Evil, right?

I know. =)

But it’s a good thing so long as you are judging to assess and give positive feedback, not to condemn or humiliate in front of the group.

Try it next time in class – tell your students you have a surprise for them. It’s something new that they’ve never done before. Let them know they’ve been entered into the kata lottery and that they might just be the lucky winner!