Starting a Summer Day Camp – Review

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that sometimes I’ll mention other sites and recommend other products, but only when I truly believe they contain real value and can help you.

Well, recently I read Mike Massie’s “Starting a Summer Day Camp”, and I’ve got to tell you that he’s done it again. This simple and concise package covers everything you need to know about filling your school over the scarce summer months with enthusiastic karate kids.

Why would you want to do this?

Well since most martial arts schools struggle over the summer months because they don’t offer any additional classes, running a summer day camp can seriously boost your bottom line during that tough time of the year.

Last year I had the same idea but hadn’t yet read Mike’s book, nor had I run a summer camp before. With last minute preparations and planning I ran a very short, Three Day Summer Camp with about 20 kids and made a healthy profit at $75 / child, and that was for a 3-day / 4 hour camp.

That seems like a drop in the ocean when you compare it to what Mike lays out in his ebook. He ran a 12 week long camp and brought in around $25,000 in EXTRA revenue! Think about this and do the math. Summer Camps for other sports charge can charge $100-$200 per week, so why not you?

You can quickly see that if you enroll 10 kids at $100 per week and just ran it for 1 month, your club would bring in an additional $4,000. Get 20 kids in it and you’re talking double that. Run it for 3 months and you can see how $25k is attainable.

Aren’t you excited by the potential of this?

Go here and read about Mike’s package. It’s got EVERYTHING you need to know about how to set up, advertise and manage your summer camp. He also explains the pitfalls and things NOT TO DO, and what age groups it works best for…

Mike’s included the “Starting a Summer Camp” ebook, a complete marketing strategy to make your camp a sell-out, included tons of karate games for kids plus a 60 minute MP3 audio for you to listen to that goes into deeper detail and also answers some questions not covered in the ebook.

WARNING! If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere you’ll want to jump on this right away as summer is just around the corner and parents are already planning their kid’s activities. Leave it another couple of weeks and you’ll have missed the boat. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, there’s no time like the present to get a head start on this and start planning this out for your summer months.

Go here to read more…


Are you a smart fisherman?

Last Tuesday my phone rang with 2 new inquiries for class – not unusual, but the way the people on the other end was a little weird. (Was there a full moon that night?)

First time I answered the phone I was greeted by a woman with a very abrupt, “How much is class?”

The second time it rang the next lady was equally abrupt and simply asked, “Where are you?”

Neither of these people said, “Hello” or anything like that, just right to the point with their question. I suppose I could have answered them but I didn’t…


Well there are 2 reasons.

Firstly, I was brought up to always introduce myself before asking for information. So when these 2 gruff women began the conversation with their very direct questions with no introduction I was a little irritated. Before I volunteer information about my classes, I like to know WHO it is I’m talking to. Just plain and simple courtesy would have been nice…

Secondly, instead of answering their questions immediately, I like to fire a question right back at them – this allows me to take control of the conversation.

I suppose I could have answered their questions with “Class is $X / month” and “32295 Mission Trail, R1 – right near Albertson’s at the south end of the Lake” but that would have put the ball in their court.

They would then have all the information they asked for, and I still wouldn’t know who it was I was talking to. It would also leave them with the option of saying, “Thanks” and simply hanging up. Maybe if I was lucky they might have asked more questions for me to answer. Either way the ball would still be in their court.

When someone calls it’s critical that you take control of the conversation. YOU KNOW everything you need to tell them in order to get them to your school. Often they don’t know what to ask, or necessarily have a clue about martial arts. So it’s your job to take control and EDUCATE them, and gently lead them through your phone script.

But if you simply give ONE WORD ANSWERS to your prospect’s questions, you leave them in control to end the call. You don’t want that!

Next time someone calls and starts firing questions, fire one of your own right back at them to lead them into your phone script.

For example…

Caller: “How much is class?”

You: “Is it for you or your kids?”

Caller: “My kids”

You: “How old are they?”


Example 2.

Caller: “Where are you?”

You: “Do you mean the karate school?”

Caller: “Yes”

You: “Ok, sure. Let me ask you are you interested in classes for you or your kids?”

Caller: “My kids”

You: “How old are they?”


Make sense?

Think of this simple fishing analogy – your ad is the worm; your prospect is the fish. When they bite it’s your job to reel them in before they jump off the hook and take your competitor’s worm instead. A smart fisherman would never let a fish nibble and then hope it simply jumps into the boat – they do everything possible to catch it, before it jumps off the hook.

Martial Arts Business Daily

This week I want to send you away…

Yes I do.

Not permanently of course, but I like to refer you to good resources when I come across them.

If you haven’t already checked out Martial Arts Business Daily and you are a martial arts school owner, or thinking about going full time as an instructor, then you’ll want to jump on over there and see what Mike Massie has put together.

Mike’s always got something interesting to say, and there’s plenty of great content for you. He’s really cutting through the BS and giving the cold, hard facts to what people need to do to run a successful martial arts school.

Check it out…