Looking Up

I’m reading Anthony Robbin’s national best seller, Unlimited Power.

This is a really interesting read…

Anyhow, as you may already know Tony Robbins is a huge advocate for NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming. In some of my posts I’ve touched on the subject (From Sobbing Uncontrollably to Running Onto the Floor Within 60 Seconds) and just the other day I discovered an easier way to stop kids from crying.

It works the same physiological process as my previous post, but often it’s faster when a child is internalizing their pain by hanging their head/slumped shoulders, etc.

All you do is ask your crying child to “look up”.

By asking this, you’re getting the child to access the “visual” part of their brain. You’re helping them change their physiology from the kinesthetic (feeling) to the visual, which almost immediately terminates their crying.

Now if your child is REALLY hurt, it’s going to take a little more effort but for superficial tears, it works like a charm.

Try it out.